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Here are a few samples of notes that Jim has received from celebrities over the years. The actual letters are on file and are available to you if you would like to review them.

Singer/Entertainer/Composer - Barry Manilow
"Follow Your Bliss. The happier and more fulfilled you are as a person the better you will make the world. Keep going".

Actor/Singer - Luci Arnez
"How lucky you are that God gave you such a gift...".

Artist/Musician - Yoko Ono
Mrs. John Lennon
"A piece of the sky". "Lets all meet in 10 years and put the sky back together again".

Singer/Entertainer - Engelbert Humperdinck
"It's never to late to try and realize your dreams. I'm still working on it too. God Bless".

Actor/Singer - Jim Nabors
"I wish you lots of luck and success with which course you choose. I have thoroughly enjoyed my singing career and can understand your desire to sing. The very best to you".

Actor/Comedian - Tim Conway
"It's never too late! Best Wishes".


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