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Jim has been entertaining seniors at Assisted Living, Independent Living, Hospitals, Adult Day Care, Nursing Homes and Senior Centers for nearly 30 years. His extensive experience has him booking over 225 senior related events each year. He is well known in the the Long Island Senior Circuit and his has written and published a dozen articles in Mobile Beat Magazine featuring stories and advise based on his experiences. 


Let Jim help you with your resident entertainment needs. He offers you:

* Experience Working With Professionals Like You.

He is aware of the unique challenges that you and your staff encounter on a daily basis and he will work along with you to insure that everyone has a comfortable and entertaining time.


* A Diverse Program.

Your residents will never get tired of the same old act. Jim performs hundreds of selections and plans his show based on what your residents like.


* A Proven Track Record

Jim has performed over 225 senior events each year for over 20 years.


* Jim's Interactive Style

He allows your residents to be themselves. He doesn't worry about interruptions. He encourages but does not insist on their participation. He also understands that people with age related special needs may have attention spans that vary.

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